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At Spiritual Lifeguard, we recognize emotional, spiritual, psychic occurrences, or lack of boundaries as the root cause of “Dis-ease and Illness”

In our Apprenticeship MasterClass, Joey is a Spiritual Mentor, Guide, and Healer for others. Sharing amazing techniques and in-depth insights to understand and free ourselves of all life’s obstacles. This includes self-diagnosis along with healing techniques if applicable.

With a thorough foundation of spiritual techniques, expertise, and wealth of information spanning 30 years, Joey empowers all apprentices to become their own spiritual guide and healer.

Request your complimentary Zoom class at spirituallifeguard@gmail.com or 404-558-0973 to watch the groups dynamic as Joey explains and addresses the concerns of all. Our Apprenticeship MasterClass is held via Zoom video each Monday and Tuesday evening.

Reversing The Biological Clock

Self-healing modality awakening the power of reverse aging. As the body has aged older it can age younger. As the body ages, we are unable to see ourselves aging older moment by moment, it is the same for aging younger. It is common to begin seeing noticeable results in three weeks.

Multiple Sclerosis: 90 Days

Mystery Diagnosis: 60 – 90 Days

Connect With Us

Joey facilitates a healing process by awakening self-healing in another pertaining to spiritual issues. This is a remembering process, telepathically sharing his memory with the higher self of another, for them to remember wellness.

For the more serious issues like Mystery Illness Joey has enough confidence in the process he facilitates that you pay after you see results. Joey’s commitment is his Good Faith Promise of zero payment until a client asserts complete satisfaction 30 Days after their session. If a client does not assert complete satisfaction, there is nothing owed.

For issues taking longer than thirty days, like MS, at the end of each thirty-day time frame, Joey’s Good Faith Promise stands with a minimum percentage of results at the end of each thirty-day segment: 40%, 70%, 90% or better at the end of each month unless otherwise stated. For Joey being paid for his expertise is a bonus, he is more interested in restoring hope in miracles, inspiring local and global communities to work together for a greater future for us all.

We recommend you join us for a free Zoom video audit of the Insight & Resolve AMC where Joey will try to address your concern for free. Upon request, Joey can look at your issue to see if he can help. The initial request costs nothing. Simply contact me with your questions, provide a neutral selfie of the person in question along with the issue and Joey will psychically discern (like a medical intuitive) if he can assist.

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