The Apprenticeship MasterClass (AMC)

With 30 years of experience, Joey has self-realized and continuing on in his ascension, he shares his platform of awakening limitless spiritual growth and attracting health, wealth, and fortune in life with the two cornerstones of spiritual self-diagnosis and the spiritual science he has always used as the impeccable platform for upwards growth.

In a group setting Joey works one on one with individual progress while the group dynamic offers the benefit of all being exposed to each person’s own insights and lessons for their current journey. Joey is the spiritual guide, mentor, counselor, and healer for your highest understanding, enlightenment, and life empowerment.

The AMC Classes

On our AMC Zoom video classes, the information is incredible. But the real magic happens as all share their personal experience for everyone to gain the benefit of the guidance, techniques, and expertise Joey gives each person. Do not be afraid to try and put Joey on the spot regarding any spiritual question of your own. Or even those seeking insights and understanding about a mystery illness that no one else can explain.

6 Monthly Zoom Video Calls Addressing:

  • Spiritual Self-Diagnosis; understanding illness and how to prevent;
  • Energy Healing; identifying the root of illness and how to correct;
  • Expertise and nuances of mastering the spiritual path;
  • Identify & Resolve issues preventing abundant health, wealth, and fortune;
  • All Spiritual Sciences while specifically addressing Shamanism, Druidism, Hermetics, Law of Attraction, Self-Realization, and Ascension on a Master Level;
  • Understanding how Spirituality, when used incorrectly, creates blockages, misfortune, and illness.

Learn to Investigate and Resolve all Spiritual Issues:

  • Psychic attacks from people, ghosts, nature spirits, poltergeists, demons, haunting, and others;
  • Psychically read the future of all routes from travel to decisions in life to make the best possible choices ahead of time;
  • Joey may also touch base on career, fortune, and relationships.

Attend a free Zoom video group class to feel if what Joey offers resonates. It is all about the vibe for each person and the group dynamic.

AMC Levels

Novice Group: Covering basic understanding and practical application of our foundation techniques. This is the beginning step in our growth process for mastering the basics. Everyone begins here.

Adept Group: This is our intermediate group addressing mastery of the higher foundation techniques.

Master Group: This is where all of the expertise along with master versions of techniques for incredibly powerful growth.

Ascended Master Group: Joey shares all of the master level techniques he has discovered on his path used for guiding and healing.

Master Student Group: Joey shares all of the ascension techniques used in discerning and accessing the highest level of ascension.

Classes & Time Slots

Novice Group Class: two weeknights groups are our Techniques Class and the other two weeknights are our Resolve Class.

Every Monday at 7 pm-8:30 pm EST East Coast

Every Tuesday at 7 pm-8:30 pm MST Mountain

Every Thursday at 7 pm – 8-30 pm PST West Coast

Sunday Resolve Class: every other Sunday

On Sunday at 1:30 MST on the middle and the 1st each month.

Huntington Beach and Irvine Spiritual Mentoring & Healing Meetup:

Held on the first Thursday of each month. Contact us directly to sign up for an amazing evening in So-Cal. January 2020 is a holiday for us.

Apprenticeship MasterClass

$250 Monthly:

  • The literature on the two cornerstones of our philosophy is included.
  • Novice and Adept AMC handbook is included with each rank attainted.
  • Novice Mastery Class, (4 monthly); full participation with resolve for your current spiritual influences in the group.
  • Resolve Mastery Class on Sunday, (2 monthly); full participation with resolve for current spiritual or any whole life issue you seek to have addressed in the group.
  • Free texting and phone access with Joey for immediate spiritual concerns available 24/7 (abuse of this will incur a written warning followed by the suspension of this privilege for 30 days);
  • Spiritual Botox Service: Novice apprentices receive a 60% discount, Adept or higher apprentices receive an 80% discount.

Referral Program

Upon conclusion of the first month that is paid by an individual who has been referred, the person who referred them receives one month free on whichever AMC level they are currently utilizing. This benefit can only be received one time for each person. It is not transferrable and is only offered as a bonus holding no other value.

Prices & availability for any MasterClass is subject to change without prior notice. Refund, for any level of The Apprenticeship MasterClass is available if the options of the service have never been used by the recipient. There is no refund policy for Q&A email(s) or phone session(s) once initiated by the client. Please contact for more details. Infinity MasterClass requires an interview and approval based on Joey’s spiritual discernment for his ability to be able to assist potential apprentices with all spiritual needs. We reserve the right to refuse this and all services without offering a reason for doing so.

Q & A

Q&A in group classes via Zoom video. Joey prides himself on being able to answer questions or find solutions on the fly for unscripted questions. When he asks, “Are there any questions?” Do not hesitate to speak up.

Email Q&A first-time users: Will be given their first email at no charge to ask Joey questions about a concern or issue which he will try to answer or resolve, if applicable. This is our answer to “try before you buy” concerning our Services tab and Joey’s Apprenticeship MasterClass (to see if he knows his stuff). After any guidance or resolve is facilitated, a donation for this work is expected, but it is at the choice of the recipient.

Email Q&A beyond the initial two emails: All future emails are $125 per individual or $200 for up to three spiritual, fortune, or well-being issues Joey addresses by email. This includes a phone or Zoom video session if requested (paid in advance). This is for issues or concerns unrelated to our Services (found under the Services tab).