Joey has over 29 years of experience in all spiritual modalities. In Joey’s early childhood, he was raised Catholic in a stable family. As a young adult nearing the age of 20, he had an interest in seminary, but was uncertain about his life’s path and ultimately decided to join the Military.

While stationed in Germany, Joey unknowingly had an encounter with someone well versed in black magic.  This person caused him to become sick with a mystery illness. Like many others with a mystery illness, he sought help to find a solution. Through a series of synchronicities, Joey encountered three spiritual masters during the course of one year, each sharing specific teachings which put him on his path to wellness and empowerment.

After returning stateside in the mid-1990s, Joey started having extraterrestrial contact of the fourth kind.  This eventually led to direct contact of the fifth kind, which continued from that point forward. The information shared with Joey during these experiences is the basis of the techniques he teaches in the Apprenticeship MasterClass (AMC). All of the advanced expertise and clear insights Joey has acquired is through the four types of akashic records, which we all have access to. Through self-reflection, Joey has detailed every level of his path to assist others in awakening to their own individual apprenticeship for health and empowerment. All of the philosophies and techniques shared with him are detailed in the 300-plus page apprenticeship handbook.

In the initial phase of the AMC, Joey utilizes The Shadow Self a.k.a. The Divine Feminine as our natural energetic experience, free from the ego of our body, soul, and memory. The beginning of this path is to become what we were when we first separated from Source at the highest level. This opens the door to self-realization, the light and the way within.

In 2013 during an operation, Joey went to the white light and returned as a walk-in of his higher-self. This event dramatically boosted Joey’s awareness of the divine spirit’s capacity for self-healing.  He was awakened to a deeper understanding of how emotional, spiritual, and psychic issues create illness. He still continues rising in his own ascension process and considers himself a master student.  Every level of ascension offers new perspective, philosophy, and techniques. Always remaining a student to life as this offers the greatest potential for growth.

Along with the foundation of techniques, Joey uses a combination of Shamanism, Druidism, and Hermetics to support others in understanding their limitless potential while navigating this path. Joey’s healing perspective is in helping others understand the root cause and personal responsibility in awakening the power of miraculous self-healing. Joey’s old school feel yet advanced approach to meditation, psychic abilities, and energy healing are expressed below.

Meditation in Motion

While awake or even asleep our thoughts are constantly in motion. Therefore meditation should be a practice as natural as breathing while on the go. We do not need to turn off thinking, simply rearrange how we think in everything we do. For example, the Eye of Horus in Egyptian symbolism recognizes 6 senses, the 6th being thought. To be free of thought is unnatural, therefore meditation to achieve inner stillness free from thought is unnatural as well. A more natural way is to rethink our senses utilizing thought with purpose.

Creating our personal space to be free of thought. Next, using a series of spheres imagined immediately around you, on the outside of each sphere is thought that we hold at bay. The innermost sphere around our body is free from thought and the emotions carried with it. The outside of each sphere recognizes thought related to time for the present, near future, and future thought. In this way, we are not overwhelmed by emotions “stress and distractions” carried with our thoughts in our personal space.

Instead of being in the storm of emotions carried with thought in our personal space, we can be in the eye of the storm of thought detached from any emotional intensity. Using thought to our advantage we can have renewed clarity to gain awareness of a possible future that may have previously been unseen or unknown simply by rethinking the sense of thought. Complete clarity on the go, is meditation in motion, that once mastered is as natural as breathing.

Psychic Abilities on the Next Level

Psychic abilities should be science with the accuracy we can depend on. If we can gain awareness of a thing, we can influence or change our behavior, our choices, and even the event for a better outcome for all. Commonly, psychic abilities are used through intuition. Intuition is achieved by connecting with an outside source and in relation to memory, we create a picture to interpret what we sense. In this way, intuition can be deceived because of personal bias, lack of skill, or an outside influence. With the skill set we acquire from growing up to know good and bad, good honest people can still be deceived. When interacting with spirits it is much easier for intuition to be deceived as adults who want to unquestionably believe.

We can change this around using the science of discerning through our gut instinct which is never wrong. Imagine an additional “spiritual” appendage from the solar plexus, that can reach out spiritually to psychically sense without intuition through the outward appearance others present to conceal a less than credible reality about who they are. Once the use of this additional appendage is mastered it is significantly more accurate than psychic abilities alone using intuition. Imagine, you can skip the hype and accurately discern the whole truth of a book, a person, even a walking a path before committing. The foresight of all experiences become 20/20.

Permission to Heal Awakens Miraculous Self-Healing

Energy healing begins not with the act of healing, it begins with understanding through awareness of everything that is happening from self-diagnosis, self-investigation, communicating, and then makes the necessary changes. There is a common misconception that healing just happens, for a lot of people it doesn’t. A greater truth is that healing comes from understanding why a lack of health occurred, so we can take responsibility and change. This facilitates a natural return to wellness. The body’s ability to self-heal is miraculous, we only need to give it permission which is accomplished through understanding.  

How does the future look?

Ultimately, if we want to really change the future, we need to raise the awareness of humanity that can only be achieved by the few ascending. It is the hundred monkey effect, whereas new behavior or idea spreads rapidly through unexplained means from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behavior or acknowledge the idea.  What is the evolution of humanity? Is it science, religion, meditation, yoga, etc?  If we do not implement something new, we are destined to repeat the past. The future doesn’t get better if everyone stays the same.

My hope is while on my journey of sharing the teachings that were shared with me that I will cross paths with others of like mind who are ready for self-awakening to access their own divine abilities and achieve limitless growth as I have. Joey Dèva