The Complete Spiritual Botox

We view that our spirit holds our essence empowering our personal constitution and overall health. Spiritual Botox is an attunement of the spirit which in turn affects the whole body overnight. This entire service is facilitated remotely through video conferencing.

If you are spiritually aware, meaning you actively use psychic abilities this service will be significantly more effective than if you do not, because your spirit will have a stronger presence in your body. If you are a psychic dud with zero connection to your spirit this service will have almost no effect on your body.

Common Results for Energy Sensitive People: On average:

  • Years younger in the first month
  • Up to a decade younger or more by the second month
  • Up to decades younger by the end of the six months
  • (Results are based on biological age, not chronological age)

Introductory Offer: offering a one time only event for trying only Step 4 of Spiritual Botox @ $99 for one month. See the difference in yourself or your pet in just days.

Monthly Pricing: Standard, Exclusive, & for Pets:

  1. The Standard for Steps 1-4: $1000 for the first quarter, and $750 each quarter afterward.
  2. The Exclusive for Step 5: Additional to the Standard, it is $250 monthly for The Internal Spring of Becoming Younger with the added benefit of dramatically decreasing daily stress nullifying the need for additional resolve work in Step 6.
  3. Stress Resolve in Step 6; the first monthly stress resolve is free, ensuring the peak effectiveness of this service. Additional monthly resolve for high-stress people is a bulk rate of $250 monthly for a maximum of four sessions 20-minute sessions per month.
  4. Pets on Step 4 only for $250, there is no initial setup.

Spiritual Botox in 6 steps:

In our normal routine, we are at best 100% of vitality. When we add in all of the stresses of life people often fall below 100% vitality. In this service, Joey assists most people to rise up to 120% vitality within the first thirty days. We refer to any vitality percentage above 100% to be an overflow. It is in this overflow state of overcharged rejuvenation that Spiritual Botox and its miraculous effects begin happening.

  1. The Resolve of Entire Life Stress held in Our Soul: affecting the organs of the body, with specific attention on how the skin has aged due to life factors of diet, exercise, stress, genetics, etc.
  2. Resolving all Life Momentum held in Memory: propelling the aging process. This is crucial as aging is sped up due to momentum from memory of the soul having lived many lives of growing older. Resolving all memory of the body halts this process.
  3. Rolling Back the Years: Erasing decades of aging older overnight. This is a major step in the process of taking decades of aging off of the body in just days.
  4. Spiritual Botox: an attunement of the spirit teaching the body to renew younger.
  5. Internal Spring of Becoming Younger: An ultra-secret process for returning the energy and feeling of being young again. This step also dramatically decreases the need for monthly resolve for high-stress people. Zero Stress clients on this service who are energetically sensitive claim to begin feeling a sense of light bliss within the first month.
  6. Stress Resolve of the Aura: of all emotional, spiritual, psychic, family, and career stress factors affecting our wellbeing. This ensures peak effectiveness of this service.

To see clear results take a picture before the service and at the end of each 30 days compared in a side by side picture app. As the body ages older we are unable to see aging moment by moment. It is the same when aging younger on this service.

Just like any other supplemental service to maintain the incredible life-changing results of this service, you will need to stay on this service. Upon coming off of this service the previous chronological age and health of your body, prior to being on this service, may return at an accelerated rate. Prices and availability are subject to change. There are no refunds for the initial or renewal setup process of steps 1 – 4. This service is for entertainment purposes only. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

Additional Services

Retreat with Joey for In-Depth Resolve & Empowerment:

Are you ready for a dynamic life shift?

Sharing time with Joey in-person or group setting on a Zoom class for a few hours can directly impact your life for the better as he shares insights and techniques for each participant that benefits the group. Spending consecutive 24-hour increments with Joey condenses the benefits of up to one year of group class time into a few days.

When available, in a group setting this avails an incredibly dynamic range of conversation for Joey to answer whole life and personal questions you have always sought answers of, and individual and group healing that benefits all.

  • 3 Days is $1500 per person; equivalent to the benefits of six months in a group class.
  • 7 Days is $2500 per person: equivalent to the benefits of one year in a group class.

Retreat with Joey includes:

  • In-depth Q&A. If you have questions Joey has answers
  • In-depth Resolve of any spiritual issue
  • In-person access to all classes offered
  • Spiritual Botox Standard and Exclusive service for two months
  • Supercharging your overflow for whole body rejuvenation in a few hours for immediate and dynamic effects of your body now
  • Available for apprentices only after their first month has passed.

What is not included in Retreat with Joey:

  • We do not guarantee private session work if other apprentices or attendees are present.
  • Use of our guest bedroom for free if available otherwise there are plenty of hotels in the Sedona area at your own cost
  • Food and entertainment are not included.

A Private Session with Joey:

Joey seeks to ensure near-complete resolve of a single issue a client is dealing with by empowering them in baby steps which cannot be achieved in a single session. Empowerment is teaching a new perspective, behavior, and thought pattern with techniques empowering the client to fully resolve an issue. Therefore it is recommended to attend The Apprenticeship MasterClass with Joey in addition to session work to resolve old patterns that led to the issue in the first place.

  • $100 per hour for apprentices. Only available after 30 days in The AMC.
  • $400 per hour for non-apprentices. Joey will resolve all aspects of an issue in one session if possible without causing too strong of a dynamic shift in the now, having the potential for completely rearranging life in a moment. This level of work is only recommended for other spiritual masters who can comprehend this level of immediate and powerful change.

Immunity Boost $500: Literally boosts your immunity from colds, flu, allergies, and improved constitution to heal from injuries. Results are at Joey’s spiritual level, these are significant. It is possible to receive three immunity boosts in total. The cost for all three boosts is $500 for an adult, free for children at any time. Immunity Boosts are received on Day 1, Day 90, and the 9th month.

Magnetized Vehicle Protection $100: to minimize the likelihood of injury from an auto, boat, or plane incident and to repel the possibility of accidents, tickets, or police from your daily driving experience. This cost of this service covers all the vehicles you drive. This effect lasts 6 months at peak effectiveness.

Disclaimer for all Services:

This website is not designed to, and should not be construed to, provide medical advice, professional diagnoses, opinion or treatment to you or any individual, and is not intended to be a substitute for medical or professional care or treatment. We do not diagnose, treat, heal, or cure any illness or disease.  We do not take place in any medical diagnosis or treatment.  We are not affiliated with any medical association. If you have any medical issues or medical emergency you need to contact a medical professional. There are reasons why we cannot facilitate Spiritual Botox for another that are not disclosed and therefore we refuse the right to deny this or any of our services without reason.  All psychic/spiritual work pertaining and facilitated by Joey Dèva is for entertainment purposes only. All sessions or energy modalities used herein are for the possibility of a placebo effect: a beneficial effect produced by a placebo treatment, which cannot be attributed to the properties of the placebo itself, and must, therefore, be due to the client’s belief in that treatment. All psychic session work or other that is facilitated is for entertainment purposes using our placebo effect of Spiritual Botox, which we understand as a process of re-orientating the spirit for remembering wellness, in turn affecting the body to better heal itself.   Use of any of our divine healing (hands-free) services is at your own risk and in doing so is your consent releasing us from any liability now or in the future, on behalf of yourself or any other party. If clients presume any healing has occurred from our services it is our belief it is from the placebo effect.  We do not offer a refund(‘s) for any previous month(‘s) that have been paid for any services. All sales are final.