Reversing The Biological Clock

Are you looking for reverse aging and renew younger to healthier you? As the body ages older we are unable to see aging moment by moment. It is the same for aging younger. It is common to begin seeing noticeable results in three weeks. This is an energy modality service that is facilitated on a person’s spirit which in turn begins instructing their body to experience a new normal.

On average a 70-year-old ages 5 years younger in three months, 55-year-old ages 10 years younger in three months. (Results are based on biological age, not chronological age).

For each person that is referred, after having completed their first paid month there is a 25% credit of one month to the referrer, which can be stacked. Or the first 10 people you refer after having completed their first paid month we reward three months for free of RBC (utilizing this option does not consume current unused credits). Unused credits can be gifted, yet they cannot be transferred for value or redeemed for cash. Referral offers do not stack.

Joey reserves the right to suspend or terminate this service at any time.

$500 per month, the first month is free with no obligation to continue.

Celestial Remembering

Awakening Self Healing

The healer is yourself, Joey simply aligns your spirit with celestial remembering of wellness and then your body begins to replicate this process or there is no charge within the first 30 days and this service is discontinued. This can be a one time process or reoccurring daily, weekly, or monthly service depending on the issue a person is experiencing.

The early-stage onset of an illness may be a one time or short term monthly reoccurring service until wellness has returned.

Advance stage illness with long term degeneration of the body will most likely require long term daily reoccurring service until a person’s spirit attains wellness and their body begins replicating this process. For advanced-stage illness we offer 60 days of this service at no charge, results aren’t likely to be largely noticeable until the three-month mark. As the body begins to replicate the celestial remembering of their spirit there is always a detox process that will happen, as this is normal with any healing process the body facilitates. Overall health, lifestyle, diet, and spiritual empowerment all of which have an accumulated effect on a personal constitution and any recovery process can increase or diminish time for results to be noticeable.

The cost of Celestial Remembering ranges from $500 to $2500 monthly depending on the frequency interval celestial remembering is needed for a person’s spirit to begin remembering wellness now. Reversing the Biological Clock is a separate charge and is required for Celestial Remembering.

Mediumship with Loved Ones via Krista

Through her 10 year apprenticeship with Joey, Krista has achieved conscious awareness of the four levels of heaven for those who pass on to the white light. She is able to directly access, interact, and communicate with those who have passed on with loved ones here for the length of a session.

All Krista needs is a picture of your loved ones to begin the communication.

a brief consultation is free at which time Krista will communicate with you’re loved ones. If for some reason Krista is unable to communicate, there is no charge. This can be done in person, over the phone or a video call.

Price: $150/hour price is paid before each reading.

Session Work with Joey Dèva

The secret to wellness is understanding. For another to reorientate their own spirit for self-healing.

For those clients who are discreet and seek private session work, we offer private video phone calls, Zoom video or Facetime. All fees need to be paid in advance.

Please have a list of issues you would like Joey to address. Joey can facilitate a lot in only a few minutes. We do offer a one-time free audit of our Apprenticeship MasterClass for anyone to experience Joey’s effectiveness when addressing issues for his apprentices. This is our recommendation prior to acquiring a session with Joey.

$125/half hour $200

Disclaimer for all Services:

This website is not designed to, and should not be construed to, provide medical advice, professional diagnoses, opinion or treatment to you or any individual, and is not intended to be a substitute for medical or professional care or treatment. We do not diagnose, treat, heal, or cure any illness or disease.  We do not take place of any medical diagnosis or treatment.  We are not affiliated with any medical association. If you have any medical issues or medical emergency you need to contact a medical professional. There are reasons why we cannot facilitate Reversing The Biological Clock for another that are not disclosed and therefore we refuse the right to deny this or any of our services without reason.  All psychic/spiritual work pertaining and facilitated by Joey Dèva is for entertainment purposes only. All sessions or energy modalities used herein are for the possibility of a placebo effect: a beneficial effect produced by a placebo treatment, which cannot be attributed to the properties of the placebo itself, and must, therefore, be due to the client’s belief in that treatment. All psychic session work or other that is facilitated is for entertainment purposes using our placebo effect of Reversing The Biological Clock, which we understand as a process of re-orientating the spirit for remembering wellness, in turn affecting the body to better heal itself.   Use of any of our divine healing (hands-free) services is at your own risk and in doing so is your consent releasing us from any liability now or in the future, on behalf of yourself or any other party. If clients presume any healing has occurred from our services it is our belief it is from the placebo effect.  We do not offer a refund(‘s) for any previous month(‘s) that have been paid for any services we offer per our Good Faith Promise. All sales are final.