Joey has assisted me in numerous ways through his apprenticeship classes. One of the most significant starts with me learning Joey’s technique to set up boundaries. In Joey’s weekly classes he stated that stressful events are what cause our emotional toxicity and this is related to lack of boundaries. He then went through several exercises to teach how to establish our boundaries.  I have applied these techniques to my family and friends with much success.

As I have learned to set up better boundaries with myself this has also helped me in my energy healing/Reiki practice. I no longer take on clients energy.  I also do not connect emotionally but rather give respect to others journey.

Joey also teaches common signs of emotional toxicity in our body and ties this in with our Chakras and Aura. By learning how to better read clients Chakras and Aura it has assisted me to see clients energetic blockages in their body.&nbsp; I am then able to better assist them as to where my Reiki energy would be most beneficial.<br>I am grateful that Joey is willing to share his knowledge and I admire his dedication to his practice.

Sue D.   Sedona, AZ