I have spent decades studying and learning various spiritual philosophies, magical practices and shamanistic rituals and ceremonies. They have been the focus of my life and livelihood. This has allowed me to meet and interact with thousands of people over the years. My personal growth had reached an almost stagnant velocity, where I found myself asking what else is there to pursue.
I then was introduced to Joey and his teachings, techniques and guidance. After just a few months I have learned more about myself and the universe around me, my passion to grow and change has resurrected. The amount of understanding and more importantly, knowing during this period has far surpassed the previous 5 years or more. He insists we learn from the practice of techniques he provides and the always present support he remotely offers. He wants his apprentices to grow as much as he does for
himself. This is a selfless person who will watch over your development and protect you as needed when facing external resistance.
If personal growth in all aspects of life is something that is rising up within yourself, then joey’s service and programs are what you are seeking. The amount of time he dedicates to his apprentices is unmatched with any program or person I have ever encountered. It will be a life changing choice you will make.