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This is Krista, please share yours for others to be inspired to work with us. Details are helpful in lending credibility.

For example, what was your journey of seeking answers and help prior to finding us? What were your symptoms? What recommendations were given or followed through and what was the level of success? How long has your journey towards Wellness taken? How much have you invested in time and finances to find answers? Since working with Spiritual Lifeguard have you experienced the results you hoped for in a timely manner?

We are thankful for those who have the courage to share, as this gives hope to others who were once seeking a real solution just like you were.

19 Testimonials

Autoimmune Disorder

I reached out to Joey Deva in a time where I felt I most needed spiritual guidance; I had been in therapy for three years, I was working through very tough emotions, and I felt an overall disconnect between my mind, body, and spirit. Joey told me that I had an affinity to bipolar, schizophrenia, and auto-immune disorders due to extremely heightened states of awareness I experience. After a psychotic break that ironically ensued shortly thereafter, I was left even more confused and concerned about my emotional and mental health.

By a synchronistic turn of events one month later, I ended up meeting Joey and Krista at a meetup event, where Joey graciously extracted a negative (not sure what adjective to use here, it was never clear if this was demonic, or what type of spirit it was?) live-in spirit from my auric body. I was skeptical at first, but now, a week later, I can honestly say that I feel…different. I am not self-sabotaging to the extent I was before this extraction, I’m not being totally consumed with negative emotion, and I’m not feeling hopeless and filled with despair like I tended to do in the past. I attribute this to Joey’s shamanic work.

Thank you Joey and Krista! I am so grateful.


Passion To Grow Resurrected

I have spent decades studying and learning various spiritual philosophies, magical practices and shamanistic rituals and ceremonies. They have been the focus of my life and livelihood. This has allowed me to meet and interact with thousands of people over the years. My personal growth had reached an almost stagnant velocity, where I found myself asking what else is there to pursue.
I then was introduced to Joey and his teachings, techniques and guidance. After just a few months I have learned more about myself and the universe around me, my passion to grow and change has resurrected. The amount of understanding and more importantly, knowing during this period has far surpassed the previous 5years or more. He insists we learn from the practice of techniques he provides and the always present support he remotely offers. He wants his apprentices to grow as much as he does for himself. This is a selfless person who will watch over your development and protect you as needed when facing external resistance.
If personal growth in all aspects of life is something that is rising up within yourself, then joey’s service and programs are what you are seeking. The amount of time he dedicates to his apprentices is unmatched with any program or person I have ever encountered. It will be a life changing choice you will make.

Mark G

Personal Growth

I have spent decades studying and learning various spiritual philosophies, magical practices and shamanistic rituals and ceremonies. They have been the focus of my life and livelihood. This has allowed me to meet and interact with thousands of people over the years. My personal growth had reached an almost stagnant velocity, where I found myself asking what else is there to pursue.
I then was introduced to Joey and his teachings, techniques and guidance. After just a few months I have learned more about myself and the universe around me, my passion to grow and change has resurrected. The amount of understanding and more importantly, knowing during this period has far surpassed the previous 5 years or more. He insists we learn from the practice of techniques he provides and the always present support he remotely offers. He wants his apprentices to grow as much as he does for
himself. This is a selfless person who will watch over your development and protect you as needed when facing external resistance.
If personal growth in all aspects of life is something that is rising up within yourself, then joey’s service and programs are what you are seeking. The amount of time he dedicates to his apprentices is unmatched with any program or person I have ever encountered. It will be a life changing choice you will make.


Debilitating Mystery Illness

At the beginning of 2009 I had a debilitating mystery illness which no-one, not even traditional science was able to assist with. During the time I was able to travel and not yet bedridden, I searched the country looking for help spending over $20,000. Many practitioners who claimed to be able to help me with my illness, were quick to take my money but offered little assistance and no recovery.  It seemed my illness was incurable and I was only getting worse as time went on.  
In November of 2009, I finally crossed paths with Joey Dèva, a childhood friend from Summerour middle school in Norcross, Georgia.  Joey told me that he could resolve the issue which was causing my illness within a very short amount of time.  Of course, I was skeptical and did not believe someone I actually knew could help, as no one else could.  But as they say “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”.  After just one telepathic healing session with Joey, I instantly felt my life begin to change for the better.  This is how I knew my prayers for help had been answered. I am now in the 9th year of my own apprenticeship utilizing Joey as a mentor, through my own spiritual growth and life being the teacher.  Now on the path of Self-Realization and Ascension through the divine feminine.
In 2018 I was finally able to convince Joey to bring to the masses his incredible Apprenticeship MasterClass and Telepathic Healing. I am happy to say that I am now working full time to promote and market Joey to find those in need.
Because of my experience of searching for help in hopes to recover from my chronic illness, which eventually left me bedridden and broke in 2009, for those in need of Telepathic Healing we offer no payment due for up to 30 days.  At the 30-day mark, if a client is not satisfied, our work is canceled and no payment is due.  We put a lot of time and effort into our work and will communicate with you on an ongoing basis for as long as needed until your body is totally back to Wellness.

Krista Teg Sangeet

Apprenticeship classes

Joey has assisted me in numerous ways through his apprenticeship classes. One of the most significant starts with me learning Joey’s technique to set up boundaries. In Joey’s weekly classes he stated that stressful events are what cause our emotional toxicity and this is related to lack of boundaries. He then went through several exercises to teach how to establish our boundaries.  I have applied these techniques to my family and friends with much success.

As I have learned to set up better boundaries with myself this has also helped me in my energy healing/Reiki practice. I no longer take on clients energy.  I also do not connect emotionally but rather give respect to others journey.

Joey also teaches common signs of emotional toxicity in our body and ties this in with our Chakras and Aura. By learning how to better read clients Chakras and Aura it has assisted me to see clients energetic blockages in their body.&nbsp; I am then able to better assist them as to where my Reiki energy would be most beneficial.<br>I am grateful that Joey is willing to share his knowledge and I admire his dedication to his practice.

Sue D.   Sedona, AZ

Sue D.

Personal Growth

If you are looking to unlock the magic within, Spirtual Lifeguard is for you…
Joey & Krista provide a unique and intimate personal growth for your souls journey.
Allow yourself the expansion of truth while reversing the aging process too.

Kathy Kingsley. Sedona Arizona

Kathy Kingsley

Profound results

I came into contact with Joey about 3 months ago after watching a video interview on his healing work, wrote to him about some personal issues and began auditing his classes on Zoom.

I have had profound results in many areas of my life. I have seen/felt a shift in my energy from years of suffering from depression, to being hopeful and excited about life. My spiritual awareness has expanded and a “remembering” of my purpose here. I have seen results in the business side of my life, more customers and money and opportunities have shown up. Seeing healed relationships, learning how to “be” and not react to circumstances and people.

I am thankful to Joey for the techniques I am learning, helps me navigate through life each day, in a way that feels more empowered and safer.

Deborah Murray


Joining the Spiritual Lifeguard Apprenticeship has been the single most important decision of my life. I am a college graduate with two degrees in human nutrition and exercise physiology. Despite all my knowledge of the human body, I was still unable to heal my physical and mental health.

Within the first 8 weeks of the apprenticeship I’ve seen a drastic reduction in my day-to-day chronic pain. Joe has educated me on the Spiritual causes of my degenerative spinal disease, as well as provided me with the techniques necessary to heal myself. For the first time in a decade, I am waking up pain free.

As far as mental illness, I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety and OCD since I was a teenager. I completed years of therapy and medication without seeing any major improvements. Working with Spiritual Lifeguard has given me the knowledge and tools to deal with these issues. In just 2 months I’ve seen a greater improvement than years of psychologist and psychiatrists treatment modalities.

The Spiritual Lifeguard Apprenticeship has also been great for my relationship with my significant other. It has opened my eyes to many ways in which my behavior has been damaging to my partner and how I can be more loving and supportive to nurture a healthy relationship.

Joe and Krista are two of the most amazing individuals I have ever met. They care for their clients and students way above and beyond what one would expect. Along with providing education and practical techniques on how to take control of your health and well-being, they also offer unwavering support as you navigate difficult situations.

Thank you Joe and Krista!

Shawn C.

Telepathic Healing

Joey Sica is a wonderful man. I don’t know what he does or how he does it but he was able to clear a lot of issues which were keeping me from moving forward and of which I wasn’t consciously aware of.He is a very caring and compassionate man with loads of generosity to spare.He does what he does with live and care.I highly recommend him to you for helping you to clear and heal the issues which are holding you back .Thank you Joey and God bless.

Bryn D. New York City

Bryn D.

Spiritual Attack, Jan 29, 2019

I have known Joe for several years, and he has been very attentive and helpful to analyze issues and imbalances deep within my psyche and physical body during that time. But last week, I was caught off guard by something that I had never experienced before. Luckily, I called Joe and he got me through it.
Monday night, I went to a meditation session with some friends. After, we ate and I drank some kombucha. At home later that night, I developed a pain in my lower left abdomen. I felt bloated, and thought it was perhaps from the kombucha. I went to bed and the pain became more intense. I tried every position i could think of, but could not seem to resolve the sharp pain in my gut. It was concerning, but somehow I eventually fell asleep.
Tuesday morning i woke up and the pain was gone. I was relieved and just thought I had eaten too much and maybe shouldn’t have had the kombucha.
On Wednesday I felt like I needed some immune boosting, so I was taking honey and tumeric during the day. It was an uneventful day until about 6pm. I had just taken another shot of honey and tumeric and I started feeling a pain in my lower left abdomen again. I decided to walk around for a while and thought that would resolve it. The pain got worse, and I tried lying down in several different positions to make it go away. It only got worse. I was literally moaning and writhing in my bed. My body temperature seemed to go from hot to cold like a fever. I took some charcoal thinking that it would soak up whatever was in my gut. After about 45 minutes there was no change in the pain. I took more charcoal and waited. Still no change, and after two hours I was astonished that I couldn’t find a way to resolve the pain or diminish it in any way. I was very concerned and not sure what to do.
Then, I thought about Joe and remembered his deep insights with some of my past issues.
I called him and luckily he answered the phone right away.
I told him how much pain I was in and about the events leading up to it. He told me to send him a current selfie of myself. I gathered some strength, took a picture and sent it to him. Joe viewed the selfie and told me I looked horrible. He said I had a splinter, and that he could see a spear going down thru my ribs and into my left gut. Also he said there was a bear trap around my left abdomen. This sounded crazy to me, but what he said certainly described the intense pain I was feeling.
But the amazing thing was that as soon as I told Joe about the horrible pain and he saw the selfie, I felt a huge reduction in my pain. Even before he had started to work on it.
He asked me what I had been doing on Sunday night. I thought back and remembered going to a bar to watch the playoffs with some friends. Joe said that somebody there had been offended by me and deliberately attacked me, spiritually. I was very surprised to hear that because I could not remember any altercation or negative experience with anyone that night. Joe said that it could have been anybody, even someone that I didn’t know who could have attacked me. After some more thought I sent Joe a picture of a man who had been hitting on a girlfriend of mine. Maybe this guy didn’t want me to be there? I sent Joe a picture of the guy but he didn’t get a negative vibe from the picture. Then I thought about my second group of friends, and there was a guy who always organizes group activities, and never invites me, even though I am friends with all of his usual invitees. I sent a picture of him to Joe, and Joe said that this guy was definitely involved in some darker spiritual stuff. it wasn’t a hundred percent guarantee that he was my spiritual attacker, but a strong possibility. I was blown away.
Joe continued to work on me as we spoke over the phone. I was so relieved to be feeling better. I was in shock that somebody had spiritually attacked me and wondered why anybody would want to do that.
What was truly amazing to me was how I went from excruciating, debilitating gut pain to nearly complete relief in just a few short minutes. I had never experienced a transition like that in such a short amount of time. I owe it all to Joe and am grateful to him for neutralizing the pain so fast. I still don’t understand it, but definitely want to learn more about spiritual protection and how to be more aware and proactive in the future.
Thank you, JOE!

Marty, B in Georgia

Marty B

Chronic Neck Pain

I have known Joey for many years now and have been helped by his abilities many times! Joey has the ability to help people physically, mentally and spiritually! This last interaction with him, he called me to asked what was bothering me and I told him about a pain I had in my neck. This pain went into my head as well as into my shoulder. I had seen my chiropractor and took occasional anti-inflammatory medication with minimal relief. Joey said he saw what the issue was and would work on it. About a half hour later my neck and shoulder became warm. I could feel “energy” returning to the area. It felt warm for about 5 minutes then the pain subsided. Its been a month and a half and the pain had not returned. Joey and his staff are amazing with what is the true cause to your dis- ease. Give him a call. You will not be disappointed!

Ken C. in Tennessee

Ken C.

Telepathic Healing One Hour Session 2019

Let me preface my comments with this…..I have never in my 42 years on this earth experienced anything like this……I couldn’t have been more skeptical; not of Joe per se but of spiritual healing in general, but my entire perspective has changed 180 degrees. Please read on…..
Ive never believed in the power of spiritual healing or readings. Its a non-traditional approach to pretty much everything we are programmed to believe and we are all skeptical in ignorance. I have been awakened after my experience with Joe, and I am now open to learning more and continuing to grow with Joe.
My story is this –
My mother told me about Joe a few weeks ago and how he was able to literally reverse the affects of a would be stroke with her dog. *Rewind* – Her dog had been experiencing severe motor problems, displaying characteristics of a stroke. She called me frantically one day and said Joe spiritually healed her dog!!! In disbelief I asked for details. She explained the process of what he did and I was intrigued (still clouded by disbelief) but open to her suggestion that I speak with him; as she was aware of some problems I was experiencing. I agreed.
I had been experiencing a level of anxiety that is all but indescribable caused by problems in business. No matter what I did I simply could not shake the feeling of constant tightness of breath and utter fear and anxiety. *fast forward* – I spoke with Joe over the phone initially for about 30 minutes. The conversation was nothing short of mind blowing. He touched on things that he could NEVER otherwise know about my life which almost brought me to tears as I listened in disbelief. Then the most amazing part occurred, he offered not only healed me but he set me on pace for EXPEDITED improvement in my life. During the course of our conversation, he did his work and 15 minutes after i hung up the phone my stress was gone….and I dont mean temporarily gone – I mean gone for good. To this day I have ZERO anxiety about my business. Moreover, he told me in 2 – 2 1/2 weeks my life would begin to improve. That 2.5 week mark just expired and I had the best day Ive had in 4 years, 2 days ago. I have a new direction in my life and I literally feel the changes that are happening. internally and around me. I dont know if he is responsible for the changes in my life or if he opened my spiritual self up to receive light and positive change……I dont know….all I know is he predicted it, it happened and I cant wait to see how things in my life unfold for the better moving forward. I also know Im all in to continuing my path and journey with him!!! Its something, to this day I have dificulty wrapping my head around but I no longer need faith, I BELIEVE now.
Lastly, I’ll leave with this…….i dont understand any of this…I dont think I’m meant to right now because its a lot. What I DO KNOW from my first hand experience is that its real!! Joe is real and what he can do for you is real. It works and my life is MUCH better for it. I have learned some things are beyond our ability to comprehend if you’re not enlightened. Dont try to understand it, just take the first step and begin the journey with Joe…..the understanding part comes later. Thank you Joe and I cant wait to meet with you again!

Eric C. in Georgia

Eric C.

Psychic Attack, November 2018

When I first met Joseph for the first time I was skeptical, but the more I got to know him and the work he did I realized he was the real deal. The following is an event that happened a month ago at a local bar we used to go to before we met Joseph.
My wife and I had attended a bar two weeks in a row. The first week after visiting the next day she woke up with a sharp pain in her neck and could not move. Joey let us know that this was a kind of Psychic Attack. He proceeded to heal her over the course of about one minute simply by looking at her, I don’t even know what he did. She was up and running within a couple hours. We also attended the same place last night. The following morning I woke up with the exact same pain, once again the Guru Joseph helped us and healed me. I was up and running with in two hours feeling even better than before. He also said this was resolved and we should have no further problems at this location anymore. He was right, and we have gone back several times since this incident with no trouble at all.
A few weeks later I had a friend over who had anxiety and chronic illness of Crohn’s disease. Joseph came to meet her, looked at her and explained her anxiety was from being in relationships where she gave her power away to emotionally weak men who tried to control her. Telepathically healing through the placebo effect on her anxiety was a simply behavior modification on her end. He then hugged her and told her he loved her, and that she needed men to love her for who she is, not what she could give them. My friend burst into tears and didn’t stop crying until she left, over an hour later.
I even started working with Joseph to learn his ways of enlightening myself spiritually and hopefully one day ascend. Since then, I have been able to feel the energy not just in people but anywhere I go.
Thank you very much for all your help.

Aldo. H. in Georgia

Aldo. H.

Psychic Attack, December 2018

Joseph has helped our family for many years. We’ve learned to recognize symptoms. He has always been able to clear them. He’s cleared bad energy from our home. Healed excema in our youngest son. Most recently, I woke up with severe pain right under my left rib cage & started vomiting clear fluid. I’m a nurse & it struck me unusual to be vomiting clear fluid. I hadn’t eaten or drank anything since dinner the day before. Had been violently ill for hours & ready to be taken to the ER. I’ve had kidney stones in the past, birthed babies naturally & never experienced pain like I was. I called Joe & explained what was going on. Within 20min I was fine. Pain free. No more vomiting. I had been psychically poisoned. The clear fluid I had been violently vomiting was the poison. As a nurse, I know that typically… you vomit bile when you have nothing on your stomach. It’s a neon yellow color. But, for several hours with nothing in my stomach since dinner the day before… I vomited copious amounts of very bitter clear fluid. I was completely fine within 20 minutes of Joe doing his work on me. He saved my life! I honestly believed I was dying & he said it may have killed me. We trust him completely & has always taken great care of our family. We’re extremely thankful.

Manda C. in Tennessee

Manda C.

Chronic Illness / The Placebo Effect for Reverse Aging “Fountain of Youth”, December 2018

I need to say a few words about a man who did something so amazing, probably some people won’t want to believe it. My wife had been struggling with crohns disease for almost a full year. We had been to the best doctors, tried EVERY medicine, and was told she would need to have a dangerous needle, take it every 2 weeks, and for THE REST OF HER LIFE. It would not cure it, and it could have very negative effects, including death, and that there was NOTHING else that could be done!!!
We went to see Joey. After ONE 30 minute sitting, Joey looked at me, dead in the eyes, and said that she would be well in 2-6 weeks. Needless to say I did not believe him . The very next day, I watched my wife start to improve. She had been on heavy steroids and is now steroid and disease free!!!!
Joey you have made a believer out of me. Not one doctor could cure her after a year, and NOW she is fully healed in a little over 3 WEEKS.

Nick C. in Georgia

Nick C.

Multiple Sclerosis with The Placebo Effect Reverse Aging “Fountain of Youth”, August 2017.

Before I met Joey, to say my health was in a fragile state, was an understatement. My life revolved around doctor appointments, treatments, hospitalizations, a wheelchair or walker, multiple breaks a day catering to pain, on top of the normal difficulties of parenthood. I had gone from your average athletic veteran, young and vibrant, very active mom, to someone hardly anyone recognized; in a wheelchair, frail, in constant pain, unable to do all the things I once loved and enjoyed, constantly in and out of the hospital. It was incredibly difficult. Before I start there, let me go back to the beginning, where it all began.
I joined the Army in my early 20’s, a bit of a late start, but I was still proud to serve. While I was in the Army I had a few injuries that would plague me years down the road; I had taken a few falls and injured my lower back, I had taken a hard impact to my left shoulder, and lastly I had shin splints so badly (tiny fractures in my ankles and shins) that my legs lit up like Christmas trees on the scan. I figured I was young and I’d recover quickly, no need to follow up on any of these areas. After having my kids, these issues progressed. My lower back pain became so severe I couldn’t stand for more than 30 minutes at a time, my ankles swelled constantly, and my left shoulder eventually had to be reconstructed, which is when the real trouble began. Within 3 months of my shoulder surgery, I started showing signs of Multiple Sclerosis. It took 2 years of excruciating tests such as lumbar punctures, multiple MRI’s (at least 2 every 6 months), various treatments that turned out to be not much more than a “guess and check” based on my symptoms by the doctors. Life was less than ideal. As time was progressing, I was losing the ability to run, then walk, then stand up or much of anything unassisted, and in those 2 years I ended up in a motorized wheelchair, wondering if there’d ever be an answer.
Eventually a treatment, though only about 60% effective and had the side effects of a-septic meningitis, was started after several other treatments had failed. On the bright side, I was no longer in a wheelchair 24/7; on the not so bright side, I was in the Neuro ICU from these treatments for a week at a time, and the treatments were incredibly expensive, which I was required every 8 weeks. Just the medication alone was $13,000, and that’s not to include the in home nurse who did the infusion of this medication, or the supplies needed, or the stay for a week at a time immediately following the treatment in the Neuro ICU. All together included, that was $45,000 every 8 weeks, just to be able to walk and function semi-normal. Of course, insurance picked up a good portion, but by no stretch of the imagination was that all of it. There were also the remaining conditions I had medication for as well, such as being in a pain clinic, which was another $2,500 every month. Given the history of falls that I had now taken through the diagnosis of MS, my lower back went from bad to awful. I now had several herniated and protruding discs in my lower back, and given my age, I wasn’t willing to have it fused. I had very little quality of life.
Just as I was ready to abandon all hope that I could ever be healthy or normal again, I had a mutual friend introduce me to Joey. I was skeptical at first. Given how much I had already been through, I didn’t really have much else to lose by trying something new, one more time. In the first 3 weeks I was absolutely fatigued, but everyone around me said there was something different about me, they were just unsure of what. My body started to feel better, hurt less, almost like I was in need of the sleep that I had missed out on with the stress of being sick. By 6 weeks, I was able to start my departure from the pain clinic. For safety reasons, it had to be done on a timed schedule, but I was able to leave knowing the pain was nearly gone 100%. Around 12 weeks, everything in my life had changed. I didn’t need my infusions anymore, my balance had fully returned, my energy had fully returned. I remember calling Joey and telling him “you’ll never believe what I just did, I went for my first run in almost 5 years!!” Every person in my life noticed the difference; my health, my looks, my outlook on life, I became a completely different person. Given everything I went through prior to meeting Joseph, if I had the opportunity to do it all over again, I’d have skipped the years of medications and trials and gone straight to him. The amount of stress it could have saved me would have been worth it alone.

Amanda L. in Tennessee

Amanda L.

Joey Dèva Spiritual Apprenticeship Classes, 2013-2018

My spiritual journey began 30 years ago. I had always felt that I was not a part of the society around me. However; I had no particular plan of action.
I did know I wanted a spiritual empowerment of some kind. So I joined classes and session of Shusta, Quabbala channeling of Archangel Michael, Dahn Hak (Korean) and Indian Mukti Deeksha. These and many other groups in hopes the apparent power shown by the leader would teach me how to have the same ability. The end results were thousands of dollars spent and not any closer to empowerment.
Not until five years ago did I see in a person, Joey, that the possibility of a teacher/guide was dedicated to empowerment for those who were willing to do the work for their empowerment.
In these five years I have witnessed Joey’s ability to telepathically heal with the placebo effect on cancer in one of the students who was given a terminal diagnoses, and even telepathically heal with the placebo effect on my husband’s stage three Alzheimer that was confirmed by our Emory Doctor. My husband is now living a normal life for his age 74. For myself I use the techniques Joey teaches to resolve spiritual attacks, spiritual possessions, and even physical imbalances that affect family and friends. I am being taught my empowerment through my own personal experience and have not found a circumstance Joey could not fully explain or lacked the skill set to resolve. He is so powerful, everything he does has near instant results, even long distance work.

Karen H. in Georgia

Karen H.

Joey Dèva Spiritual Apprenticeship Classes, 2016-2018

I am not one to talk about myself in public. Despite being an educated professional, I experienced a spiritual crisis and found myself searching for a new path. I took classes, worked with many people with spiritual gifts, attended various events, began a daily meditation practice, and started reading books on Buddhist and Shamanic principals and teachings. None of this was inexpensive, and most people charge an hourly rate for their assistance, but did not guide me to be empowered to be able to do this for myself.
I am grateful for the openness and acceptance of the wonderful souls in the shamanic community and for the many months that a local shaman devoted to assisting me. He awakened in me a renewed love of nature and life, taught me to ground, and opened me to a community with open arms. All of this is was exceptional but felt I reached a plateau early on.
Armed with new skills, I started to participate in the classes offered by the spiritual lifeguard under the Joey Psychic Apprenticeship Classes. The benefits of working with Joey immediately revealed itself to be profoundly different and elevated. Unlike in Shamanism with elaborate rituals to access spiritual experiences, the work here is instant, without the ritual. Joey explained to me that rituals are used by humanity to bridge the gap between the conscious to the subconscious of the spirit realm, and then to turn this off by tracking backwards through the ritual for safety reasons. After being shown an easier way, the shamanic ritual, which at the time seemed elaborate and powerful, now feels labored and unnecessary. Aside from this, I feel that working with Joey, I started my path with master insights and techniques for life to become my teacher, versus solely relying on my shaman teacher to share a secret ritual. In the two years of classes with Joey, I know that he is unlike anyone I have ever experienced or read about, and the results of empowerment on my spiritual path and in my entire life is beyond anything I could have achieved except with Joey.
As a cost comparison, my local shaman charges $150 an hour, for every hour, of private classes. On the other hand, Joey charges a monthly fee, not hourly fee, classes are included, questions are included, there are no extra charges for emergencies and he is constantly challenging me to improve. His guidance has proved invaluable. Every question I have, and I have a lot of questions, receives an in-depth, but clear, explanation. I learn from the group classes through others sharing their experiences and received the 310 page handbook covering the basics of the Joey Spiritual Apprenticeship without any additional charge. Joey also is available to take calls and will call me to provide clarity and guidance. There is no additional charge for these calls. On this path, I am treated as my own master; the Joey lifestyle is a fast track process towards increasing the success of my entire life. Best of all, the Joey lifestyle is a spiritual science that anyone can utilize in their life; it does not compete with one’s personal belief system.

Deborah Y. in Georgia

Deborah Y.


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